5 HEALING TIPS By Melissa Serrano

Healing is a practice where we can meet ourselves deeply and remember that we are truly whole. 

As human beings we all share the experiences of hurt, pain & suffering, no matter the cause or trauma the actually feeling of any cause is beyond comparison. Emotions such as grief, sorrow, anxiety, frustration, fear and even heartbreak are all uncomfortable and challenging no matter who you are.


Compassion is the essence of healing, for others, and especially for yourself 🤍​Everything begins from within, and having compassion for yourself is reflected towards others, creating waves of kindness, understanding and LOVE.

“To be called a refugee is the opposite of an insult. It is a badge of strength, courage and victory.”

— Tennessee Office for Refugees



When we are feeling anxious and afraid, the mind and body feels like an unsafe and unstable place to be. Grounding anchors us so that we can approach challenging experiences from a secure & calm space. 


When we deny or suppress what we are feeling, we create a block in our body which leads to misalignment and imbalance within.

Next time an uncomfortable feeling comes up, just sit with it, and allow yourself to embrace the sensation free from any judgment, remembering that it won’t last long.


When we hold onto emotions by not letting them go, we become stuck and we suffer. Are you holding onto any memories that caused you anger, sadness or pain? How can you let go of these feelings?

A powerful way to release stress or unhappy memories is by writing them down. Consider the practice of writing out your feelings whenever you remember something uncomfortable, you can start by reflecting on the questions prompted above.


Humans are social beings, and at our core, we thrive when we feel connected and heard. Even though there are helpful tools that we can implement on our own, having a support system that provides a safe space for us to be ourselves fully is truly healing. Surrounding yourself with a positive and caring network of people that you trust provides that extra bit of guidance, and relieves you from feeling that you are alone.

Thank you for helping refugees and displaced people heal through your support of WEFTshop 💚

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