Our refugee and migrant artisans are the inspiration and heart of the WEFTshop family. Our shared vision is that creativity and collaboration have the power to heal and transform lives. Every design in our collection of ethical homewares, accessories and jewellery is a celebration of courage over adversity and shows what can be done when we work together with respect and kindness.

Together we create designs that are an expression of cultural traditions, contemporary styles and our shared humanity. Collaborating in this way opens up opportunities for artisans to earn a fair wage and support their families.

Our artisans are passionate about producing textiles rich in cultural traditions and helping their communities, who are displaced from the decades-long conflict in Burma.


“We are one heart,” says weaver Lu Meh about the process of weaving with friends.

Pleh Meh, Lu Meh and Su Meh weaving scarves on back-strap looms in a Karenni refugee camp


I want to help Kachin women from my community with the skills and knowledge that I have." - Kachin group coordinator Ah Toi

May Hwee making Kachin textile jewellery in Chiang Mai, Thailand

“My dream is to create jobs and training opportunities for other Lahu women so that they can feed their families and keep our traditions alive." - artisan Ya Mi

Na Kahn, Yappa, Lu May and Yami working on the Lahu Collection. Yappa sources materials for two artisan groups in Mae Sot, Thailand


“I love weaving because I have to concentrate and I can forget my worries. I love teaching new weavers.” - Master weaver Mie Meh