Empowering Women

Beautifully handcrafted ethical fashion by women artisans and refugees from Burma.

Together we do fashion differently and forge a better world for women.

  • Karen

    Ma Nan’s jewellery is handmade from Karen sarongs hand-loomed in Um Phiem Mai Refugee Camp on the Thai-Burma border. Ma Nan is a very skilled technician, training other women in sewing so they too can access a fair wage and connect with their culture.

  • Kachin

    Kachin artisans make unique jewellry using their traditional hand-loomed sarongs. There are only ever five pieces made in each fabric. This work is joyful, bright, and features traditional Kachin textiles with a contemporary twist!

  • Karenni

    Our skilled Karenni artisans are highly talented weavers.

    The beautiful, ethical accessories celebrate collaborative creativity and are hand-woven on back-strap looms in a Karenni refugee camp in the north of Thailand.

  • Lahu

    Our talented artisans from the Lahu ethnic group use appliqué in their traditional dress to create beautiful motifs. This collection celebrates appliqué techniques to inspire a limited-edition range of Fair Trade and ethically made fashion accessories.

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