In 2005 Emma met Dahmu, a strong, kind and courageous Karen woman, who had escaped to a refugee camp as a child and who was now working hard for her community with the Karen Women’s Organisation.

It was this friendship that planted the seed for creating WEFTshop.

The WEFTshop Story

Our Story

Debra and Emma met in the border town of Mae Sot in 2006. Debra was there on an international development study program and Emma was doing design and pattern making training with a group of Karen refugees. This meeting forged a friendship, and a shared passion for social justice and textiles, that that brought WEFTshop to life.

By 2021, with a group of committed volunteers, and funding from Rotary, we had trained hundreds of artisans from Karen, Kachin, Karenni and Lahu communities, who were refugees or migrants.

Every year, we work directly with four artisan groups of 30 artisans, and collaborate, from sampling to finished product, to who create contemporary designed fashion accessories and homewares products using traditional, culturally significant techniques methods.

These artisans are paid double the local minimum wage and receive training in colour, design and pattern making. With economic empowerment comes confidence and self-esteem in culture. 

It is this garden of friendships that keeps WEFTshop growing and thriving.

WEFTshop is all about bringing together beautiful design, ethical fashion and a bit of fun too!

Every time you buy our limited-edition, ethically-made cushions, jewellery, bags or accessories, you directly support refugee and migrant families from Burma.


Our Ethical Promise

Our shared vision is for hundreds of artisans to build livelihoods beyond their essential needs, develop the skills to preserve their techniques, train others, and celebrate the art and beauty of their culture with people around the world.

By embracing Fair trade Practices and selling ethical homewares, jewellery and accessories, we walk hand-in-hand with our artisans in their efforts to live with dignity and prosperity.

Our stories of courage, kindness and determination shine through in each independent design alongside the rich artistry of the women who create them.

“WEFTshop is passionate about designing and producing ethical homewares, accessories and jewellery. We believe creativity and collaboration have the power to transform lives.”  

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