Thlapi collection

Thlapi means moon in Chin language.
A silvery moon softly lights a path along the beach and your scarf flutters in the cool

breeze. A delightful winter beach escape, an atmosphere of tranquility enveloped by warm neutrals and splashes of ocean tones. A delightfully lazy afternoon sees you curl up in style and comfort amidst soft sand-coloured cushions. A good book consumes you, looking up only to appreciate the uninterrupted horizon.

This is how Kate introduces our Thlapi chapter in our Winter catalogue. I love the creativity and storytelling style of this. Its the first time we have really used this style of writing and its so true to who we are as our artisans patterns are most often inspired by nature.

As you can see, here is Kil Thee weaving one of the Pang Par cushions,  this pattern is inspired by a flower and is one of our most complicated and time consuming patterns. Our Chin artisans have mastered this technique.

Kil Thee weaving complex pang par cushion

 Thlapi collection

Our Karenni weavers live in a refugee camp just outside of Mae Hong Son and their talent is weaving, they hand-loom all our scarves and shawls.

All our scarves and shawls have x4 stages

1. Preparing and winding the threads

2. Setting the thread on the loom to create the desired pattern  and dimensions, just as our Karenni artisan is doing in the image below 

3. Hand weaving the scarf or shawl 

4. Hand tasselling the ends of the scarf or shawl, as seen in the bottom image

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