New winter collection

We are excited to introduce you to our new Winter collection 2017.

The first chapter we would like to share with you is called Mi Gui, which means Earth or World in Lahu language. We chose this name for the rich earthy colours the collection exudes and as homage to the beautiful and complex world we live in.

 Pandora modelling Mi Gui ToteO

As with most WEFTshop projects, there was an abundance of collaborative and creative generosity. A huge THANKS to Pandora for modelling, Kate for the copy, Deb for the checking and Jules for putting together the catalogue.

Mi Gui purse

What I love about this collection is it's the first time we have done lots of new things, such as:

1. Using pom poms in our designs - thanks to our Lahu artisans

2. Choosing printed fabrics to complement the Lahu patchwork and pom poms

3. Working with a professional stylist and photographer, thanks Georgia Blackie, you really got us!!!

4. Creating a beautiful catalogue to send to retailers

We hope you enjoy this new collection.


The WEFTshop team

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