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Sleep Balm with Mamarra - large 40gms

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Busy days and endless to-do lists can leave you feeling exhausted while thoughts keep racing through your head. When you need to disconnect from a stressful day and transition into a restful sleep, add our Sleep Balm to your bedtime routine.

This enriching organic coconut oil natural emollient for skin infuses hand-harvested Mamarra (Small Leaved Paperbark) leaves and soothing lavender oil - encouraging calm and repose to support your journey into a state of slumber.

  • Coconut Oil (Refined) Certified Organic ACO
  • Beeswax
  • Melaleuca Cajuputi (Small Leaved Paperbark Tree) Extract
  • Lavender Oil Certified Organic ACO

      Warm a small amount of this face and body balm in the palm of your hand or fingertips.

      Apply the balm evenly to anywhere on the body, including:

      • The face
      • Pressure points
      • Soles of the feet as required

      Gently massage the face and body balm into the skin.