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Mie Meh Scarf, Hand-Loomed

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 In a Mie Meh scarf, you dare the world to see you glow. Your uniqueness bursts out. Vibrant. Witty. Relaxed. This is me!

Dashing to the cafe to see a friend you tie the scarf around your neck, or heading into work you sling the scarf over your shoulder, and suddenly, whether the sun is out or not, your warmth and fun radiate over everyone. 

Mie Meh, the master weaver behind this luxurious hand-loomed scarf, has stamped her own unique voice on this scarf, incorporating a new multi-tone weaving pattern to give it stunning depth and visual interest.

This scarf is a precious addition to your wardrobe or an unforgettable ethical gift. 

Ethically hand-woven by: Our Karenni artisans in the Karenni refugee camp, Thailand.                                                                                                               Dimensions: 28cm x 166cm.
Materials: 100% rayon derived from wood and cotton