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Hand-loomed Mie Meh Shawl


This soft  and gentle shawl dares you to love and be loved regardless of the risk. Will you throw off your shoes and dance? Wrap the Mie Meh around you and your body will follow. 

In the open-air gardens for a night-time concert when you need a little extra warmth - this is the perfect addition.

A luxurious hand-loomed accessory with a unique design that gives it depth and drama.

Mie Meh, a master weaver, threw herself into the challenge of learning a new multi-tone weaving pattern to make this limited-edition piece. 

It makes a wonderful ethical gift or a precious accessory for your own wardrobe.

Ethically hand-woven by our Karenni artisans in the Karenni refugee camp, Thailand.

Dimensions: 60cm x 178cm.

Materials: 100% rayon derived from wood and cotton.

Colour: Blush, cream and sand


Su Meh in the front weaving, Mie Meh holding her baby in between weaving.