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Hand-Loomed Mie Meh Scarf


The Mie Meh scarf dares you to express yourself passionately. Dance among the trees. Slurp your soup. Cry over a song. Whisper the tender feelings of your heart. 

Wear it on a romantic date or to an outdoor wedding. It’s the  perfect way to take off the chill of a cool evening. Or you could receive your promotion in it. Darn it - wear it to the bank! We take our passion everywhere.  

Mie Meh, herself a master weaver, made this limited-edition piece to challenge herself. She used a unique design to incorporate a new multi-tone weaving pattern that gives depth and extra visual interest. 

Ethically hand-woven by our Karenni artisans in the Karenni refugee camp, Thailand, this scarf is a precious addition to your wardrobe, or an unforgettable ethical gift. 

Dimensions: 28cm x 166cm.

Materials: 100% rayon derived from wood and cotton.

Colour: Blush, cream and sand

WINTER 2019 VIDEO 4 from WEFTshop on Vimeo.