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Hand Loomed Khee Lah Shawl


The spider weaves their elegant home.
In a barn.
Between two trees.
Within a rose.
Calling us to remember.
The mysterious spirit in each of us.
The Khee Lah – beautiful – spirit.
Uplift. Because we are all connected.
Drape sophistication around you
With the Khee Lah shawl.

A luxurious hand-loomed accessory with a unique design that gives it depth and drama.

It makes a wonderful ethical gift or a precious accessory for your own wardrobe.

Ethically hand-woven by: Our Karenni artisans in the Karenni refugee camp, Thailand.
Dimensions: 60cm x 178cm.
Materials: 100% rayon derived from wood and cotton.
Colour: Black and sand

               Su Meh in the front weaving, Mie Meh holding her baby in between weaving.