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Gumnut Leaf Shoulder Bag


When your love cup is feeling empty
Stand in a eucalyptus forest.
And damn!
Ask for a refill.
Soft layers of vulnerability,
Strong leaf clarity,
Unfurling seeds of growth.
But a warning!
Only attempt Uplift with a nourished heart.
Sling on your loving Gumnut Leaf Shoulder Bag.

If you want to be hands-free and stylish, while carrying all you need for a day out, this Gumnut Leaf Shoulder Bag is the accessory for you. Super fun and practical, this design can accommodate a purse, water bottle, kindle/book, and your passport. It is great for travelling or spending a day around town. This classic bag showcases the appliqué techniques of our Lahu artisans.

The design features an internal reinforcing layer to give strength and shape. There is an adjustable strap, an inside pocket for keys, and a zippered security compartment on the underside.

We make the Bilby Tote, Ibis Shoulder Bag, and a variety of cushions in this funky and versatile range.

Ethically made by: Our Lahu artisans in Kyaing Tong, Burma. 
Dimensions: Width 33cm, Height 27cm, Depth 9cm. 
Materials: Woven jute and cotton canvas with thick cotton drill lining.

                    Ya Mi is a master at applique and this collection has really seen those skills shine.