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Bilby Cushions

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The Bilby is 15 million years ancient.
So what’s their secret? 
Treating themselves.
Long hot baths in hot sands
Under glittering desert stars.
So it's clear, right?
Treating yourself to nature sustains you.
So you can uplift others.
Treat yourself to a Bilby Cushion

Our Bilby cushions will add some quirky joy to your home; whether it's in the bedroom or lounge room, they are sure to bring the beauty and wonder of nature to your home.

We also have Ibis, Cockatoo and a Gumnut Leaf Cushions in this collection.

Exquisitely hand appliquéd by: Ya Mi and her Lahu artisans who use appliqué in their traditional dress, in Kyaing Tong, Burma.                                                  
Materials: Front of cushion made from a natural blend of jute and natural cotton, cockatoo feature from 100% cotton. Back of Cushion made from a sturdy 100% black cotton drill