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We [who is 'we'?] work with approx. 30 artisans who are:

• Refugee and migrant women
• From four ethnic groups in Burma: Karen, Lahu, Kachin and Karenni
• Living in Thailand, some in refugee camps
• Sharing their skills, culture and stories with us 


We reinterpret traditional textiles and preserve our artisans’ skills with our limited-edition homeware, accessory and jewellery designs.

We collaborate with established designers to create special collections unique to them.

TRAIN [??? needs changing]

We work directly with our artisans to when sampling designs or launching a design collaboration. This is where the magic happens ... bringing a drawing to life in a tactile three dimensional interpretation. We work collaboratively with our artisans who are eager to share their creative vision and find new ways to reinvent beautiful new variations on traditional themes.

We place orders directly with our artisan groups. We pay them upfront. We pay double the minimum wage.

We have artisan leaders who are supported [by whom?] to manage their own artisan groups. These leaders purchase all the threads, notions and materials needed for a WEFT order.


The artisans set up the threads to weave, and prepare their material for patchwork and applique. They then begin many hours of weaving and sewing.


The beautiful accessories arrive in Sydney and, with our photographer, model and volunteers, we style and photograph our collections.


Our pop up stalls feature our seasonal collections at workplaces before Mother’s day and Christmas.
Our Collaborative designs are sold in shops with various designers.


We share the story of our artisans, independent designer collaborations and supporters’ via social media to include everyone on the WEFT journey of change – Women Enabling Women for a more equitable world.