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My dream is that our textiles will be sold all over the world and to teach other Chin women to sew and weave." - artisan Noe Thee

Our artisans are at the heart of our global family. They are passionate about preserving their traditional skills and passing them on to more women in their communities. The richness of weaving, applique, beading and patchwork expertise celebrates Chin, Lahu, Kachin and Karen culture. Together we create designs that are an expression of cultural traditions, contemporary design and our shared humanity. Collaborating in this way opens up opportunities for artisans to earn a fair wage.

“My dream is to create jobs and training opportunities for other Lahu women so that they can feed their families and keep our traditions alive." - artisan Ya Mi

“Weaving means we can work at home in the refugee camp so there is less worry about our family, and it helps create a sense of independence."  - master weaver Cla Tu

“I want to help Kachin women from my community with the skills and knowledge that I have." - Kachin group coordinator Ah Toi

Our artisans are passionate about producing textiles rich in cultural traditions and helping their communities who are displaced from the decades-long conflict in Burma.